• John Zerzan - Agriculture

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    Meeting:  November 2nd 2010.  7:20pm-9:20pm   This week's reading is the first of two article by Primitivist John Zerzan.  It is an article describing his philosophical critique of agriculture.   The article can be found here: <http://theanarc...
  • Matt Hern - Urbavore

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    Meeting: October 26, 2010, 7:20pm-9:20pm.  2590 Quadra st.  Camas Books.   This weeks reading is the second and final article from Matt Hern's Common Ground in a Liquid City.  Inspired by his travel to Diyarbakir, Kurdistan, the article is called Ur...
  • The End of Lawns As We Know Them

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    For the next Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle, we are discussing the Istanbul chapter from Matt Hern's Common Ground in a Liquid City, "The End of Lawns as We Know Them.  You may remember Matt came to speak on this subject last August. To obtain a copy...
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