• Transhumanism Series

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    As the new year of the Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle starts up in full swing we will be going right into three weeks on the topic of the intersection of Anarchism and Transhumanism and how these two philosophies can inform each other.Since Transhumani...
  • On Post-Fascism - How citizenship is becoming an exclusive privilege

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who came out to support Camas Books last Tuesday. It was a blast!Next week’s reading is “Post-Fascism” by G. M. Tamás. He weaves a complex discussion on citizenship, race and ethnicity within the current global sy...
  • Happy New Year!

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    The new calendar is up on the wall, and we're looking forward to another year of reading for revolution! 1. For next week, Tuesday, Jan 4th, we will continue with our holiday reading break, and encourage everyone to attend the "Revolt of the Slaves!" Cam...
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