• Panarchism (Non Territorial Government?)

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    The next selection for the Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle, to be discussed on Tuesday March 29th at 7:30 pm is about Panarchism, and asks whether a non-territorial form of government is possible. You can access the reading from this link: http://acces...
  • Marshall McLuhan Interview

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    We are unearthing the ideas of Marshall McLuhan in our next reading. Many of his sayings have become ubiquitous in contemporary culture, but still much of his work remains unknown. You can find the link here:
  • Guiness is NOT Irish!

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    Every year at this time people celebrate what they think it means to be Irish by wearing green, and getting drunk on Guinness beer. St Patrick's is the number 1 day for sales for Guiness, who gross $2 billion annually. But is Guinness really a symbol ...
  • Anarchism and Architecture

    VARC Updates - Weekly Readings
    The theme for the next few weeks is Anarchism and Architecture.This week's reading is from a book by Colin Ward on Architecture. The essay explores anarchist concepts of architecture and creating built environments that are truly libertarian.The reading ...
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