• Fighting Patriarchial Institutions

    Anarcha-Feminists - Womyn-Identified and Trans* only
    Hi Everyone. At the next Anarcha Reading Circle, scheduled for November 21st, we are discussing 2 readings. The first one is about Patriarchy in the Workplace and can be found here:
  • Readings from Cunt by Inga Musico

    Anarcha-Feminists - Womyn-Identified and Trans* only
    Hello lovely people,Next week's circle reading will be "Who Remedios Varo Is" in the wonderfulbook "Cunt" by Inga Muscio. For those of you with a copy, the pages are 197- 209. For those who have no copy, I have made some and they are sitting atCamas Books...
  • VARC Discussions

    VARC Updates - Basic Info
    VARC is currently on hiatus, but when it is active, participants meet every Tuesday at 7:20pm at Camas Books & Infoshop (2590 Quadra Street) on unceeded Lekwungen Territory. Please contact us if you want to get it started again. The Anarcha Feminist Read...
  • Patriarchy Blaming the Twisty Way

    Anarcha-Feminists - Womyn-Identified and Trans* only
    The next Anarcha-Feminist Reading Circle will take place at Camas Booksthis MONDAY the 7th at 5:30 pm. We will gather for half and hour andbegin the discussion at 6pm. We decided to change the time to betteraccommodate more people's schedules.Enjoy a few ...
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